The Details panel shows details of the current selection or project, and is represented by a blue “information” icon (). If the panel is not already visible, reveal it by using View > Details or View > Reset Panel Layout; or right-click within a view and choose Show Details Panel.

Current selection Information shown
The Welcome screen is open Open an assembly launches a file chooser

Watch a training video opens the Training page on the DNASTAR website.

The Recent Documents section provides links for opening a recent document, if any exist.
A single read sequence

Contig name, read ID, and the number of reads selected (i.e. “1”).
Multiple read sequences

Contig name and the number of reads selected.
A portion of the consensus sequence

Contig name and the inclusive coordinates of the beginning and end of the selection
A portion of a read sequence

Read ID and the inclusive coordinates of the beginning and end of the selection
One or more tracks See View information about a selected track and View information about multiple selected tracks.
A single feature See the section below this table.
Multiple features

The number of features selected and the feature type(s).

If a single feature has been selected in a Feature track, the Details panel contains the following information:


Feature name (in blue) and type.

Inclusive range of the feature in nucleotides.

Properties shown vary by feature and may include the organism, gene name NCBI feature qualifiers, etc.

The NCBI feature qualifier “/note”.

The translated sequence shown in IUPAC amino acid codes.

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