Why switch from the applications I currently use?

If you are a long-time user of DNASTAR software, you may be wondering why you need to make the switch to our newer applications, SeqBuilder Pro and MegAlign Pro.

The short answer is that our “classic” 32-bit applications—EditSeq, PrimerSelect and MegAlign—will be retired with the release of Lasergene 16.0 in mid-2019. All of our current development efforts and new features related to sequence editing, primer design, and cloning are focused exclusively on SeqBuilder Pro, while pairwise & multiple sequence alignment efforts are focused on MegAlign Pro. These applications contain numerous features not found in their classic counterparts, and provide an improved user experience and many new capabilities compared to EditSeq, PrimerSelect and MegAlign.

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We have written this User Guide so that fans of the classic applications can quickly learn how to perform their favorite workflows in SeqBuilder Pro and MegAlign Pro.

As shown by this timeline, we first began transitioning users from EditSeq and PrimerSelect to SeqBuilder fourteen years ago, and from MegAlign to MegAlign Pro six years ago.

During our preparations to retire the three 1990’s applications with the Lasergene 16.0 release this year, we realized that a substantial number of Lasergene users never made the switch to the modern applications. Are you one of these loyal “classic app” fans? If you haven’t yet made the switch, you are in for a treat! Lasergene’s modern apps feature sleek, intuitive and customizable interfaces and a whole new world of time-saving functionality. Click the following links to learn how to transition from:

About this User Guide:

This User Guide contains written help and videos to help you transition from the Lasergene classic apps to their modern counterparts.

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