Lasergene Pricing and Licensing Options

Lasergene Licensing and Pricing Options

Lasergene software is available to purchase in a variety of suite configurations to meet your specific research needs. We also offer four different licensing options to provide flexibility in accomodating your particular situation. These four options (listed below) are available as standard Commerical Research or Academic/Non-Profit licenses, as well as special Commerical Services licenses, for organizations that utilize our software as part of a service they provide. We also offer Educational Research licenses for eligible organizations. Lasergene pricing varies, depending upon your license type. For pricing information based on your specific needs, please request a quote.

DNASTAR Site Licenses Pricing

Site Licenses

Site licenses have increasingly become one of the most popular choices for organizations with medium to large groups of users. Even groups as small as 15-20 users often find that purchasing a site license is both the most convenient as well as the lowest cost-per-use option. A site license gives you an unlimited number of licenses for the product you purchase, and you may install the software on as many Windows and Macintosh computers as you wish. This type of license is ideal for groups of labs, departments, or whole organizations, and attractive for organizations expecting or experiencing rapid growth. By fixing the investment today, you lock in favorable pricing for future years. You also relieve your IT staff from functions related to administering a centralized network solution. Please contact us for pricing and additional information.

DNASTAR Network Licenses Pricing

Network Licenses

Under the network scenario, one computer becomes the network server.  You can install the software on as many Windows and Macintosh computers as you wish.  The number of licenses you purchase dictates the number of concurrent uses, and there is no separate restriction on how many Windows licenses or Macintosh licenses you may run at any given time.  You have complete flexibility to run up to your total number of licenses at any given time on either platform or any combination of computers for both platforms.  Our network solution also allows for licenses to be “checked out” for people who travel or have other needs away from their normal lab or work area.  The network is a very powerful way to leverage your investment in DNASTAR software. Please request a quote for pricing and additional information.

For a list of technical requirements for the License Server, see our Technical Requirements page.

Are you interested in running Lasergene on your KeyServer network? Please contact us for additional information.

DNASTAR Standalone Licenses Pricing

Standalone Licenses

All of our suites are available as standalone systems for Windows or Macintosh. Purchasing a standalone system allows you to install your DNASTAR software on a single computer. This option is ideal if your organization will have only one user of the software. Pricing for our Lasergene licenses vary. Please request a quote for pricing based on your specific needs.

DNASTAR Cloud Licenses Pricing

Cloud Licenses

All DNASTAR software is available on the DNASTAR Cloud, a service offered through Amazon Web Services' Amazon Cloud that allows you to access DNASTAR Lasergene software anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. Flexible term licenses for the Cloud are available from DNASTAR to meet your specific needs. Alternatively, you may set up your own account with AWS and create an access key to use the DNASTAR Cloud. Please request a quote for pricing based on your specific needs.