Variant Analysis Software

Variant Analysis Software

Lasergene Genomics Suite

Lasergene Genomics Suite's variant analysis software provides tools to simplify the discovery and analysis of variants in multiplexed data generated by all major next-gen sequencing platforms including Illumina, Ion Torrent, and Pacific Biosciences. Our variant analysis software enables you to:

  • Quickly and easily assemble large data sets from all major next-gen technologies on a desktop computer—check out our benchmarks below
  • Perform variant analysis for a variety of project types, including whole genome sequencing, exome and targeted sequencing, gene panels, and RNA-Seq
  • Utilize DNASTAR's new human variant annotation database, which bundles together data from dbNSFP as well as 1000 Genomes and ESP's Exome Variant Server
  • Analyze variants using live, interactive views and comprehensive filtering tools
  • Perform large-scale comparisons of variants across individuals and groups of indivduals, and determine the level of disruption to each gene caused by the variants present
  • Send genes or variants of interest to SeqMan Pro to view the read alignment at that position, or send to GenVision Pro to view the assembly coverage for all sample simultaneously

For a more in-depth look at using using Lasergene Genomics Suite software for variant analysis, also see the following video:

 Using the Variant Annotation Database for Human Samples (5:46)

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Lasergene Genomics Suite Reference-Guided Genome Alignment Benchmarks for Variant Analysis
Data Set Sequence
Size (Mbp)
Number of
Reads (M)
Number of
Bases (Mbp)
Length (bp)
Coverage Assembly
Human Genome* Illumina Hg19+dbSNP 3,101 3,523 112,738 32 36X 23 Hrs.
8 Human Exomes* (multiplex) Illumina Hg19+dbSNP 27 1,268 12,047 76 446X 14 Hrs.
Human Exome* Illumina Hg19+dbSNP 27 163 12,390 76 459X 2 Hrs.
Ion AmpliSeq™ Cancer Panel (3 multiplexed data sets)Data provided by Ion Torrent. Ion Torrent Hg19+dbSNP 3,101 3 99 85 500X 24 Min.
Fluidigm® Access Array System (2 multiplexed data sets)Data provided by Pacific Biosciences. Pac Bio Fluidigm human amplicons 0.1 < 1 7 180 500X 1 Min.

*Data sets for these projects were obtained from NCBI's Short Read Archive.
** Assembly times were calculated using a computer with a 4 Disk RAID-0.

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