After a local assembly has finished in the Assembly Log, clicking Next > takes you to the Assembly Summary screen.

If assembly failed, the dialog displays the message “Assembly failed. No report available.” Otherwise, you will see the Project Report information in the body of the screen.

Under “Choose one or more analysis options,” select the button of interest. The availability of a button depends on the workflow and/or operating system and will include a subset of the following:

Button name Result
Open assembly Launches the results in SeqMan Ultra. If multiple .assembly projects were created, you will be prompted to choose the names of those you wish to open. If you are following a variant workflow, we recommend downstream analysis using SeqMan Ultra’s Variant view or searching for Variants in the search bar of the Analysis view.
Compare variants / differential gene expression between samples Launches the results in ArrayStar. If you are using Macintosh, a warning message will appear asking you to open the assembly on Windows. Move the completed assembly to a Windows computer (or Macintosh running Parallels) in order to view the assembly in ArrayStar.
View peaks This option is available for ChIP-seq only and opens the results in GenVision Pro.
Open Project Report Opens the Project Report in your default text editor. For other ways to view the report and to learn about the report contents, see View the Project Report.
View and Compare Sashimi Plots This option is available for RNA-seq workflows only and opens the completed assembly in GenVision Pro.

Click < Back to return to the previous screen or Finish to exit from SeqMan NGen. In most cases, you will choose Finish. The following confirmation popup will appear:

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