Before starting an assembly, you will need to decide whether to run the assembly locally or as a DNASTAR Cloud Assembly.

  • In local assembly, you set up and run the SeqMan NGen assembly on your desktop or laptop computer. You must wait for one assembly to finish before beginning another. Unless you have an unusually powerful computer, local assembly is best reserved for small, reference-guided assembly projects. To see if your computer is powerful enough to run a particular assembly, refer to our technical requirements page.
  • In DNASTAR Cloud Assembly, any standard laptop or desktop computer can be used to upload data to the cloud and set up the assembly. Cloud Assembly offers a secure and fast way to perform any number of SeqMan NGen assemblies simultaneously, without using up your computer’s resources. Cloud Assembly has the same look and feel as local assembly, and uses the same wizard for project setup. However, the assembly itself takes place on a powerful Amazon cloud computer, and both input and output data are securely stored on the cloud. You can also access genome template packages and tutorial data files directly from the cloud, without needing to download them to your local computer.

To try Cloud Assembly for free, contact your DNASTAR representative to request free trial access and a secure data storage folder.

The following brief video shows how easy it is to upload your data and then perform an assembly on the cloud:

The table below shows the differences between running an assembly on your local computer and using Cloud Assembly:

Assembly type Where step takes place
Project setup Data storage Assembly Analysis Notes
Local On a powerful local computer using the SeqMan NGen wizard On the local computer On the local computer, with each sample run sequentially. On the local computer. The computer must meet the minimum technical requirements. Note that de novo projects require ample amounts of RAM, while most reference-guided assemblies require large amounts of CPU and free hard drive space.
Cloud Assembly On a standard local computer using the SeqMan NGen wizard On the Amazon Cloud, using the DNASTAR Data Drive that is integrated into the wizard On the Amazon Cloud, with all samples running in parallel On the local computer Can easily accommodate large, multi-sample sequencing data sets. Multiple assemblies can be run simultaneously.

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