Selecting the RNA-seq/Transcriptome workflow De novo transcriptome on the Workflow screen, causes the wizard to include the Transcript Annotation Database screen.

We highly recommend that you use a transcript annotation database when doing this workflow.

If you want to annotate transcripts during assembly using information from a specified database, leave Use database to annotate transcripts checked . You will need to specify a transcript annotation database, as described below. If you do not want to annotate transcripts during assembly, uncheck the box. If you do this, note that all other buttons in the dialog will be disabled.

To add or remove transcript annotation databases:

If you check the box as described above, you must add a transcript annotation database using any of the methods below.

To access and edit advanced options:

Press the Transcript Annotation Options button to launch the Annotation Options dialog.

Click Next > to proceed to the next wizard screen or < Back to return to the previous screen.

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