To display rulers:

The visibility of ruler tracks in the Overview, Sequences view and Pairwise view is dependent on:

  • Whether or not tracks are visible in those views. To display hidden tracks, click on the plus sign next to the sequence of interest in the view.
  • Which boxes you check in the Tracks panel.

    • Sequence rulers can be displayed in MegAlign Pro’s graphical views by checking the following boxes in the Tracks panel:

      • Overview details > Sequence Ruler – In the Overview, a sequence ruler running from left to right (i.e., larger numbers on the right), denotes a sequence that has been reverse complemented with respect to its original orientation. MegAlign Pro does not permit manual reverse-complementing of sequences, but the Mauve multiple alignment algorithm reverse-complements automatically, where necessary. In a Mauve multi-block alignment, changing the active block can cause entire sequences to be reverse-complemented.

      • Sequence detail > Sequence Ruler

      • Pairwise > Ruler

    • If you have specified a Reference sequence, reference rulers can be displayed in the views by checking these boxes in the Tracks panel:

      • Overview header > Reference Ruler

      • Sequences header or footer > Reference Ruler

To change Ruler options:

Currently, the Ruler tracks do not have editable options. However, you can add white space above and/or below the ruler using sliders in the Layout section.

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