If a single feature has been selected in a track in the Overview or Sequences view (e.g., by clicking one time on the feature), the Details panel contains the following information:


  • Feature name (in blue).

  • Type – Feature type.

  • Left and Right –The inclusive coordinates of the beginning and end of the feature range.

  • Length – Length of the selected feature in nucleotides or residues.

Range of the feature in nucleotides or residues.

Properties shown vary by feature and may include the organism, gene name NCBI feature qualifiers, etc.

  • note – The NCBI feature qualifier of the same name.

  • Select Subsequence – Shortcut to Edit > Select Subsequence (see Make Selections). Double-clicking on the feature fulfills the same function.

  • Select Subsequences Across Alignment – Shortcut to Edit > Select Subsequences Across Alignment (see Make Selections). Triple-clicking on the feature fulfills the same function. This item is not available for features in unaligned sequences.

For additional information about working with features, see Features panel and Features.

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