GeneQuest aids you in identifying the following features in your DNA sequence:

  • Open reading frames
  • Coding regions
  • Splicing junctions
  • Translation start and stop sites
  • Transcription factor binding sites
  • Restriction sites
  • Patterns
  • Repeats

Note: GeneQuest is one of the “classic” applications in the Lasergene package. Some of its functionality was migrated to SeqBuilder in 2005, and additional functionality was added once SeqBuilder was replaced by SeqBuilder Pro in 2017. In this User Guide, we will point out GeneQuest functions that can be performed more easily in our modern application, SeqBuilder Pro.

To get started with GeneQuest and to see an overview video, go to Getting Started.

These support pages contain written help and tutorials, as well as video tutorials.

  • For a written GeneQuest TUTORIAL with downloadable data, click here.
  • Click here for a list of all topics that include VIDEOS.
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