To choose a selected primer pair (i.e. make it the active pair):

Within the Primers view, select a primer pair and choose Priming > Set as Active Primer. The selected primer pair will be opened in the Primer Design view, where it can be edited or analyzed.

To display the forward/reverse (i.e., top/bottom) strand primer of the current primer pair in the center of the Primer Design view, choose Priming > Show Forward Primer or Priming > Show Reverse Primer.

To show or hide primer pairs:

Open the Primers view. In In the Show column, checked rows represent primers currently displayed in the graphical views. If you wish to sort the rows before selecting the primer pairs to show/hide, click on the column header of interest. In the Show column, add check marks in rows you wish to display and remove them from rows you wish to hide.

To show or hide alternate pairs:

In the Alternate Pairs section (lowermost pane) of the Primer Design view, right-click on a primer pair and choose an item from the context menu:

Context menu option Function
Hide Pair To hide a selected pair.
Delete Pair To delete a selected pair.
Show Only This Pair To hide all but the selected pair.
Show All Pairs To show all found pairs.

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