The right side of the Document window consists of four panels: Style, Enzymes, Settings and Details.

To display/hide the panels:

Choose View > Show/Hide Side Panels or use the Show/Hide Settings tool () on the left of the Document window.

To move a panel from the upper part to the lower part of the window, or vice versa:

Each panel has an tab labeled with its name. Drag the tab up or down using the mouse. When you see a “shadow,” drop the tab and the panel will snap into the new position.

To undock and redock the panels:

To undock, use the mouse to hover at the top of the associated frame. When the cursor changes to a 4-pointed arrow, drag the frame to the desired position. To redock, follow the same procedure, moving the frame near its original position. When a “shadow” appears, as shown in the image below, drop the frame and it will snap into position

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