To specify URLs to use for online database searching :

  1. Depending on your Lasergene version, choose Edit > Preferences or Settings (Windows) or SeqBuilder Pro > Preferences or Settings (Mac). Select the Servers tab. The upper and lower portions of this dialog let you specify BLAST and Entrez server URLs, respectively. Unless “overwritten” by substituting custom addresses, the Servers tab uses the NCBI BLAST and Entrez server URLs that were current at the time of the Lasergene release. At present, these addresses are and

  • To add a new address to either box, click the associated Add button and type in the URL.

  • To delete an address, select the URL from the list and click the corresponding Delete button.

  • To set the default server for performing a search, select the URL from the list and then click the corresponding Choose button.
  1. To save changes and edit from the Preferences dialog, click OK. To return to the default NCBI server URLs, click Restore.

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