Enzyme selectors provide a way to define a group of restriction enzymes based on specific criteria. Once created, the selector will appear in the list of preset enzyme categories that appears when you click the Enzymes tool ( ).Once defined, enzyme selectors are available for use in SeqBuilder Pro or GeneQuest.

  • To create a new selector, open the manager using Enzymes > New Selector.
  • To create a new selector for enzymes that do/don’t cut a selected region, select a region of sequence and choose Enzymes > Show Enzymes That Cut the Selection or Enzymes > Show Enzymes That Don’t Cut the Selection. Note that if you apply multiple selectors to the sequence, only the enzymes that meet the criteria for all applied selectors will be displayed. For example, if the Unique Sites selector is already applied to your sequence, and you then select a region and choose Enzymes > Show Enzymes That (Don’t) Cut the Selection, the resulting enzymes will be those that are both unique and cut (or don’t cut) within the selected range.
  • To create a new selector for enzymes compatible with a selected enzyme, double-click on an enzyme to select it. Then choose Enzymes > Show Enzymes Compatible With. The new selector is named after the enzyme you chose.
  • To edit an existing selector, choose Enzymes > Enzyme Selector Manager.

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