To export an image of a view:

  1. Choose File > Export Image > (View Name) or click the Export image tool ( ) at the upper right of a view that allows exporting.
  1. Specify the file name and choose the export format: Adobe PDF (.pdf), Microsoft PowerPoint-optimized (.pptx), PNG image (.png) or JPG image (.jpg, .jpeg). We recommend choosing PDF for the highest quality output.

The following dialog (or an abbreviated version) will open.

  1. Choose export options.

    • Use the Range of view or Range of alignment boxes to specify the range of residues that should appear in the image.

    • Type in the number of Residues per line. By default, MegAlign Pro places the entire range on a single line. If you set the number of residues per line smaller than the range, the image will be rastered to improve image quality. If you set the range to be the same as the number of residues per line, a single raster will result.

    • Check the include summary box if you want to include the summary (above the sequences area) in the image.

    • Check the Include dividing lines box if you wish to include separators between the header, sequences, and footer.

The Resulting image size updates automatically based on the options you choose.

  1. Click OK to export the image using the specified options or Cancel to close the dialog without exporting.

The following video shows how to export an image from MegAlign Pro and edit it in PowerPoint. The procedure is similar in SeqMan Ultra.

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