To export data from the Variants view in .csv or .tab format:

  1. Select a contig in the Explorer panel and open the Variants view.
  1. Use this tool () to filter the table to include the variants of interest.
  1. Choose or rearrange columns using the gear tool ().
  1. Click the Export data tool ().

Exporting variant data for use in ArrayStar:

If you plan to open the variant table in ArrayStar, you must include the following data columns in Step 3, above:

  • Contig ID
  • Contig Pos
  • Ref Pos
  • Type
  • Ref Base
  • either SNP Base or Called Base
  • SNP%

If you wish to determine coding vs. non-coding regions or synonymous vs. non-synonymous changes in ArrayStar, you must also export the following columns:

  • Genotype
  • Feature Name
  • Feature Type
  • either Codon or Protein Change

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