After the Jobs panel shows the Status of a BLAST search or Entrez search is Done, pressing the “Done” hyperlink opens the search results simultaneously in the Text, Table, and Pairwise views. All three views are contained in a large pop-up window that is separate from the main SeqMan Ultra window.

An example Text view is shown below:

In order, the view shows the following:

  • The version of BLAST used in the search (e.g., “BLASTP 2.9.0+”).
  • References for the BLAST search engine.
  • A description of the BLAST database used in the search, including the number of sequences.
  • Information about the Query sequence, including its length and the Request ID (RID) number.
  • A table of sequences producing significant alignments.
  • Pairwise alignments of each significant match with summary information on the match.

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