Project Overview is one of several Project Report views that may be available, depending on the assembly type that is currently open.

To access the view, choose View > Project Report > Project Overview.

The available parameters differ depending on the type of assembly project.

Parameter Description
.sqd projects
Contig N50 A weighted median statistic such that 50% of the entire assembly is contained in contigs or scaffolds equal to or larger than this value.
Largest contig size The length of the longest contig in bp.
Number of contigs The number of contigs in the finished assembly.
Reads assembled The number of reads that were used in the finished assembly.
.assembly projects
Average coverage Average depth of coverage along the assembly.
Number of references Number of reference sequences used.
Aligned sequences Number and percentage of sequences used in the finished alignment.
Number of variants Number of variants found.
Variant assemblies For multi-sample assemblies only. The number of assemblies in the project.

To export data from this view, press the Export data tool ( ) in the top right of the view. This opens a save dialog in which you can save the tabular data in comma-separated (.csv) or tab-separated (.tab) format.

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