Project Statistics is one of several Project Report views that may be available, depending on the assembly type that is currently open.

To access the view, choose View > Project Report > Project Statistics.

Statistic Description
Located in the table
Name Name assigned to the contig during assembly or after renaming it in the Contigs and Scaffolds section.
Contig Length Length of the contig in bp without counting gaps.
Contig Length (wGaps) Length of the contig in bp with gaps included.
Total Bases Total number of bases contained in all sequences used in the assembly.
Number Seq. Number of sequences assembled into this contig.
Reads per Strand (Top, Bottom) and Scaffold Number of reads on the top and bottom strands for the scaffold.
Average Depth Average sequence depth over the length of the contig.
Cumulative Contig Length (woGaps) Total length of this contig, without gaps, added to the total lengths of the contigs above it in the table.
Located below the table (certain .sqd projects only)
Contigs Number of contigs in the assembly.
Contig N50 A weighted median statistic such that 50% of the entire assembly is contained in contigs equal to or larger than this value.
Largest Contig Length in bp of the longest contig in the assembly.
Contig Linkage Shows the paired reads that link contigs together.
PairDistances For single libraries, the Median Observed pair distance is the median distance between paired reads across the data set (only applicable to projects where multiple paired-end libraries are used in a single project).

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