A comprehensive cloning vector catalog named CloningVectors.sbp is installed with Lasergene. Before you begin a cloning project, you can create and add custom vectors to this catalog to use with current and future projects. As you update Lasergene in the future, DNASTAR will update the vector catalog, but will not overwrite any vectors that you have imported or customized.

To add a vector to the installed catalog:

  1. Use File > Open to open the following file:

    • Windows: C:\ProgramData\DNASTAR Data\Lasergene ‘x’ Data\CloningVectors.sbp

    • Macintosh: Hard Drive:Applications:DNASTAR:Lasergene ‘x’ Data:CloningVectors.sbp

… where ‘x’ represents the version number.

The Project window opens to display folders containing different categories of vectors.

  1. Click on the plus sign to the left of a folder to expand it and view its contents. Some folders contain vectors; others contain sub-folders that must also be expanded in order to view the vectors.

  1. Decide which folder is best for your custom vector. Then right-click on the folder and select Import.
  1. Select your custom vector sequence and press Open to add a copy of it to SeqBuilder Pro’s vector catalog.
  1. Choose File > Save Project.
  1. Exit from SeqBuilder Pro.

When you next open SeqBuilder Pro and want to add a vector to a cloning project, you should see your vector in the folder to which you added it.

To learn how to create specialized vectors for different cloning methods, see:

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