When you select an object or range in one SeqBuilder Pro view, the selection is made in all other applicable views simultaneously.

To select an object in any SeqBuilder Pro view:

Click the object (e.g., a feature, translation, enzyme, ruler, etc.).

To select a range in the Circular, Linear, or Sequence views:

Click and drag the mouse across the portion of the sequence you want to select. To instead select the inverse range, hold down the Ctrl (Win) or Cmd (Mac) key while dragging the mouse over the portion you do not wish to select.

To select the range between two enzymes in the Circular, Linear, or Sequence views:

Do either of the following:

  • Click the first enzyme label, then Shift+click on the second label.
  • Click the first enzyme label to select it, then drag your mouse until the second enzyme of interest is selected.

When you select the range between two enzymes, the Details panel will show the Region selection information, including the enzyme names and their cut sites.

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