You can use the tools at the top of the Feature Library Manager to control how features are displayed in the Manager, itself, and in the Annotation Results window after performing the auto-annotation procedure. This step is entirely optional.

For example, you could specify that all lacZ features be shown using light blue arrows outlined in purple. Later, when you looked for query matches in the Annotation Results window, all lacZ features would be displayed in the specified style. To try a similar workflow, see Try it! – Create a style set for CDS features.

The following table describes how to use the tools to change the appearance of features.

Tool Menu options Lets you specify…
Whether to display a particular class of enzyme cut sites, or no cut sites, on both the Sequence and Linear views. The available selectors are a subset of those available using the Filter by Selectors check boxes in the upper pane of the main SeqBuilder Pro Document window.

Note: When multiple features are selected from the Features view, no cut sites are displayed, regardless of the selection made here.
Whether to show the sequence for the top strand, or for both top & bottom strands, on the Sequence view.
In the Sequence view, whether to place a ruler under the sequence, under the translation, neither, or both. Choosing Translation Ruler or Both causes a translation of the sequence to appear, along with the sequence.
Whether to display translations in the Sequence view for 1 or 3 reading frames and for top and/or bottom strands. The options are similar to the Full Translation checkboxes in the upper pane of the main SeqBuilder Pro Document window.
Style options for annotations in the Sequence and Linear views.

  • To display an outline around the feature, check the Line box and choose a line Weight using the drop-down menu.

  • To select a different line color from the current color, click on the colored box to open the color chooser.

  • To hide the outline, uncheck the Line box.

  • To provide a solid fill color or drop shadow for the feature, check the Fill or Shadow box. If a different color is desired, click on the corresponding colored box to open the color chooser.

  • To remove the fill color or drop shadow, uncheck the box on the left.

  • To choose a different shape for the feature, select an option from the Shape drop-down menu.

  • To choose what type of line to use in linking multi-segment features, make a selection from the Linkage drop-down menu. The “DNASTAR” (installed) library does not contain multi-segment features, but such features can be added as “User” features.

  • To include a label for the feature, check Label Attached. Use the Label Position drop-down menu to specify a location for the label.

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