SeqBuilder Pro supports automated virtual cloning using a wide variety of cloning techniques. Simply select your insert and vector sequences, and SeqBuilder Pro will automatically construct the virtual clone. Choose vectors from the vector catalog provided, or add your own custom vectors with ease. Once your clone is made, the Cloning Summary view shows details about the fragment inserts, primers, fragment junctions, as well as the steps needed to prepare the vector and amplify the insert. The following video is a brief introduction to virtual cloning in SeqBuilder Pro:

Virtual cloning consists of optional preliminary steps and the main cloning workflow.

Preliminary steps:

These optional steps take about 2-20 minutes each, but can provide benefits for many future cloning workflows.

Main cloning workflow::

The main cloning workflow takes only a few minutes from start to finish. However, for purposes of explanation, it has been divided into seven steps.

  1. Start a cloning project and specify the insert
  1. Specify the method and options
  1. Specify the vector and entry clone
  1. Digest/linearize a circular vector
  1. Run the cloning simulation
  1. (optional) Verify the clone
  1. View and print cloning results

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