In this short tutorial, you’ll remove the restriction enzymes displayed on the sequence by default, and instead display only the DraI enzyme cut sites:

  1. If you have not already done so, follow the tutorial Try it! – Create and modify primers for TA cloning. If you closed the project since following that tutorial, use File > Open to open the file saved at the end of that tutorial.
  1. In SeqBuilder Pro, use File > Open to open demo file COX2.gbk.

  1. Remove all enzymes from the view by clicking the Enzymes tool ( ) on the left of the window and selecting None.

  1. To search for the DraI enzyme, click on the Enzymes tab near the top right of the window. In the Filter search area, type ‘dr,’ the first two letters of DraI. Add a checkmark next to DraI.

  1. Observe that two DraI cut sites now appear in the view.

This completes the “Try it!” for displaying restriction enzyme sites.

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