The Settings panel, represented by a gear icon ( ), is located on the right of the Document window and lets you display or hide various components of some of the views on the left.

The Settings panel can be opened by clicking on the Settings tab. If the tab is hidden, reveal it by clicking the Show/Hide Settings tool () on the left of the Document window.

Circular Map - Use the checkboxes to choose whether to show/hide the Title and Length of the sequence in the center of the Circular view. To change the title text, type new text into the box provided. An alternate way

Primer Design - Use the checkboxes to specify whether to show/hide Priming Sites, Alternate Pairs, and the most stable Dimer, Hairpin and/or Pair Dimer in the Primer Design view.

Site Summary - Use the checkbox to show/hide the Fragment Size in the Site Summary view table. When shown, the size appears in parentheses to the right of the enzyme position.

Translations – The table lists any translations created in the Sequence view using the Create Translation command.

Task How to…
To show/hide a partial translation Add/remove the checkmark from its row
To change the name of the partial translation Type the desired text in the Name column
To specify the starting number for the partial translation ruler Type a number into the Start column.
To toggle between including/excluding the zero coordinate Click the cell in the Skip 0 column. When numbering a partial translation from the negatives into the positive values, the Skip 0 functionality lets you specify whether to include or exclude the zero coordinate. Protein chemists often number the mature peptide starting with one. In cases where a signal peptide precedes the mature peptide and the signal peptide gets cleaved in the final product, a common convention is to number those residues negatively, counting back from the mature peptide. Since this is an arbitrary convention, and the coordinates do not actually go from left to right, the zero coordinate is usually skipped. In combination, Start and Skip 0 give you the ability to create such a numbering.

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