The Site Summary view is one of the ten views available in the Document window, and shares a sub-set of button tools with the other views. To make it the active view (or one of two active views), click on the Site Summary tab ( ).

The Site Summary view is only available for nucleotide sequences and displays a table of restriction sites and their locations on the sequence. This view shows any restriction sites that were chosen for display in this or another pane. The current position of the cursor appears in the upper left corner of the view.

The table contains a row for each restriction enzyme currently applied to the sequence. Enzymes that have no cut sites all appear in a single row.

Column Name Description
Name Enzyme name
Frequency Number of cutting sites
Position Specific cutting locations for the enzyme. Use the Settings panel to specify whether to display or hide the fragment length in parentheses to the right of the enzyme position.

The default font size in this view tends to be quite small. To enlarge the font size, use the command Format > Size > Larger one or more times.

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