To change the rendering style or font of a selected feature, enzyme or range:

Open the Style panel and perform one of the tasks in the table below.

Task How to…
To show/hide an outline around a selected item To show/hide an outline, check/uncheck the Line box. Choose a line Weight using the drop-down menu. Change the line color, if desired, by clicking on the colored box and making a selection from the color chooser.
To show/hide a solid fill or drop shadow for a selected item To show/hide a solid fill or drop shadow, check/uncheck the Fill or Shadow box. Change the fill or shadow color, if desired, by clicking on the colored box and making a selection from the color chooser.
To change the shape of a selected feature By default, a new misc_feature is an brown-bordered box with the feature’s name inside.

Use the Shape drop-down menu to select the shape of the feature. The following shapes are available:


Filled Arrow

Filled Double Arrow

Triangle Glyph (may be disabled for some very long features)

Stroked Arrow

Stroked Goalpost
To choose how to link multi-segment features Make a selection from the Linkage drop-down menu. Choices are Solid, Dashed and None.
To change the position of a feature label A feature’s label is the topmost note as seen in the Features view. If you are working with a multi-segment feature, Inside will display segment names inside each segment box, while Above and Below will instead display only the corresponding feature name above or below the segment box.
To include a label inside or adjacent to the feature in the Circular view Check Label Attached and use the Label Position drop-down menu to specify the location. For instance, you may wish to move a long feature name above or below the feature shape. If the Label Attached box is unchecked, the label appears outside the circular map with a line connecting it to the feature.
To change the font style, color or size Choose the items to which changes should apply using the Font drop-down menu. Choices include the Selected Item, All Features, All Enzymes, the Sequence, a Circular (Map) Title, or the Ruler. To select a different font color, click on the colored box to open the color chooser. The current font name is shown as a button. Click on the button to open a dialog where you can change the font, font style or size. Alternatively, the font size can be changed within the Style panel by typing a new font size into the text box or using the up/down arrows.

Note: To increase/decrease the font for a single selected feature, choose Format > Size > Larger or Smaller.

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