To specify sequence characteristics and how a sequence is displayed:

Task How to…
To add, delete, or change the letters in a sequence Open the Sequence view and insert the cursor where desired. Delete letters, type in new letters, or overwrite existing letters.
To change the font case Select a portion of the sequence and choose Format > Case.
To change the font color, size or style Use the Style panel.
To change the way residues are grouped in the Sequence view Choose Format > Residue Grouping. Select from the following options.

  • None: (default) The base pairs appear in an unbroken line.
  • Group by 3: To visually break up the sequence after every trio of base pairs.
  • Group by 10: To visually break up the sequence after every ten base pairs.
To specify whether a sequence is linear or circular Choose Sequence > Linear or Sequence > Circular. Regardless of the selection made here, SeqBuilder Pro can display any sequence in both the Linear and Circular views. Specifying Circular impacts ORFs and restriction sites that cross the origin.
To specify whether the sequence contains DNA or RNA Choose Sequence > DNA or Sequence > RNA. If RNA is chosen, the sequence is displayed with U’s instead of T’s.

Additional topics related to sequence display:

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