When you auto-annotate vector sequences, SeqBuilder Pro searches for potential matches in the installed Feature Library, and in a custom database of features named “User” features. Creating a custom “User” database is optional.

To create a “User” database and add features to it:

  1. Move sequences to the Feature Library by doing either of the following:

    • From the Circular, Linear, or Sequence views, click on a feature or select a range containing the desired feature(s). The selection must be at least 15 bp in length. Then choose Features > Send to Feature Library; or select the feature and use Features > Send to Feature Library.

    • Use Features > Feature Library Manager to open the Feature Library Manager. Then drag a sequence at least 15 bp in length from your computer’s file explorer and drop it on the library window.

If you send a sequence range or an entire sequence to the database, any features are stripped out of the sequence and saved as separate entries in the database.

  1. Repeat the above step until you have added all the desired features. Note that if you add the same feature multiple times, all of them will be saved in the database. However, during auto-annotation, only one will be selected as the “best” match to the query sequence.
  1. Select File > Save Project and save the file.

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