If you will be using the TA cloning method, you can use the PCR product of the current primer pair as an insert.

  1. Use File > Open to open the file or SeqBuilder Pro project (.sbd) containing the sequence of interest.
  1. Create primer pairs.
  1. With the Primer Design or Primers view active, choose Priming > Create Insert by PCR.

SeqBuilder Pro extracts the sequence of the PCR product, including any modifications you have made, and simulates its amplification with Taq polymerase including the addition of 3’ A overhangs to each end. Primer and product features are carried forward with the insert. The Project window opens with the new Taq-amplified insert in the Inserts folder.

  1. Drag the insert from the Inserts folder and drop it in the Fragments section at the bottom of the Cloning tab.

Proceed to Step 2: Specify the method and options.

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