As of December 2018, NCBI requires an API key for faster access to NCBI services, or to run more searches concurrently. To get a key, start by setting up an NCBI account. After registering your account, click on your user name and request your key using API Key Management. Once you have your key, you can enter it in Lasergene applications to enable NCBI’s premium search access.

To add your key to a Lasergene application:

  1. Begin an Entrez database search using Search > Text Search in > NCBI Nucleotide or Search > Text Search in > NCBI Protein.
  1. Press the Set Access ID () tool in the bottom left corner of the dialog; or, from the Table view, press the Export data tool and choose Set Access ID. In either case, the Access ID pop up appears.

  • If an NCBI API key is not already present in the text box, enter your key and press OK.
  • If an NCBI API key is present but you no longer use it, press Forget to remove it from the application’s memory. Then enter the desired key and press OK.
  • To exit without saving your changes, press Cancel.

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