SeqMan Ultra lets you view features in text, graphical and tabular displays.

View a table with detailed feature information:

See Features view.

View feature information in graphical format:

You can use the Tracks panel to apply Features tracks to the Strategy and/or Alignment views, In this type of display, the feature type and name are displayed above each feature.

Hover over a feature to see a tooltip with detailed information about that feature.

An asterisk next to a feature name indicates that the feature was inferred by SeqMan NGen. For example, if you assembled data in SeqMan NGen using a template that contained a tRNA feature without a corresponding gene feature then “gene” would be inferred at that position and would be displayed as a feature in the view. However, the inferred gene would be marked with an asterisk.

View feature information in text format:

The same information in the tooltip described above can also be viewed in the Details panel. Select a feature in any view and choose View > Details.

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