The Coverage track can be displayed in the Strategy view header, if desired. To display the Coverage track, you must check its box in the Tracks panel and also click the associated plus sign (if any) in the Strategy view header.

This histogram represents the depth of sequences throughout the assembly. The numbers to the left of the histogram indicate the actual number of sequences represented. Hover over any part of the histogram to display information about that location.

Based on the Strategy Viewing and Coverage parameters, the histogram will appear:

  • thick green where coverage meets both the Coverage threshold and Minimum number on each strand criteria
  • thin green where both strands are covered but Coverage threshold is not met
  • thin blue where coverage is on one strand only
  • red where coverage is by a single read only

To change Coverage track options:

Currently, the Coverage track does not have editable options. However, you can add white space above and/or below the track using sliders in the Layout section.

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