Each of the following tutorials begin in SeqMan Ultra’s “Welcome” window, proceed seamlessly to the SeqMan NGen wizard, and end with downstream analysis in SeqMan Ultra.

The first few steps of each tutorial feature a direct download link for that tutorial’s data set. You will need to extract the .zip file before following along with the tutorial steps.

Tutorial number Topic
1 Whole genome reference-guided workflow
2 Whole genome de novo workflow with mate pair data
3 Analysis of a whole genome de novo assembly
4 De novo assembly using Sanger data
5 RNA-Seq de novo transcriptome workflow
6 Gap closure workflow

SeqMan Ultra also plays an important role in the tutorial Phage display assembly, translation and prediction, located in the Protean 3D User Guide. This integrated workflow starts in SeqMan Ultra, continues through SeqNinja and MegAlign Pro, and ends in Protean 3D.

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