This table shows definitions for components of the Visual view.

SeqNinja Help Terminology Scripting Language Terminology Generated Via:
Top-Level Procedures Lower-Level Procedures
Script – A list, composed of one or more steps, operations or comments that can be executed using the Run button (). Steps are executed in the same order in which they appear in the script.

A template generates an “empty” script for a common task, and requires that values be filled in.
Step – One or more operations appearing in a bounded box. Steps can be stacked to create a script.

Operation – A single discrete command, such as “label this sequence as circular,” or “save results to this location.”

All Toolkit panel items add either steps or operations to the script.
Sequence Expression Add Sequence File, Add Sequence Text, and Add Sequence Variable (all in the Sequences section) are sequence expressions. Add Sub-Range (Sequences section) is a partial sequence expression.
Function – Denoted by a light green frame. Functions section items.
Setting – Designates a location and/or option for subsequent use in the script. Each setting contains an equal sign (). Settings section items

Define Integer Variable (Other section).
Action Print to Console (Other section).
Statement – Denoted by a light blue frame. Templates

Write to Results File, Define Sequence Variable (both in the Sequences section).
Comment – Editable text on a pale yellow background. Comments have no effect on the execution of a script. Add Comment (Other section).

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