The Split Sequences template, located in the Templates panel, is used to save a new, individual output file for each of the sequences in the source file.

  • In the Output Pattern row, specify the pattern to use when naming the output files. The output file pattern must contain an asterisk (*) to the left of the dot, but text may be used on either side of the asterisk. The file pattern can be defined in either of two ways:

    Method 1

    1. Press the Edit Pattern button.

    2. To change the file type from the default of Genbank, click the arrow to the right of “new_*.gbk” to choose from a variety of file extensions.

    3. In the Filename Pattern text box, type the desired text, making sure to retain an asterisk anywhere to the left of the dot.

    4. Unless otherwise specified, output files will be saved in the default directory. To select a different folder, use the Browse button.

Method 2

Type in a new pattern and/or file extension in the Filename Pattern box. This option does not allow you to specify a non-default folder for the output files.

  • The Limit Files To box contains a default of 1000 sequences in order to prevent a large number of files from being inadvertently generated. The limit can be changed, if desired, by typing a different number into the box

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