Saving scripts:

  • To save a new script in the SeqNinja .star format, or to overwrite a previously saved version of a script, choose File > Save, or use Ctrl/Cmd+S.
  • To preserve the earlier version of a .star script or store a copy of the script with a different name or location, use File > Save Results As. By default, SeqNinja saves to the desktop unless directed to save elsewhere.
  • To simultaneously save all open SeqNinja scripts as .star files, use File > Save All or press Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+S.

Closing the active project:

Use File > Close or press Ctrl/Cmd+W.

Exiting the SeqNinja application:

On Windows, use File > Exit. On Macintosh, use SeqNinja > Quit SeqNinja or press Cmd+Q.

If only one script is open when you exit, SeqNinja will open the Save Document dialog.

If there are multiple edited and unsaved scripts open when you exit, SeqNinja will instead display the Save Resources dialog.

  • If you wish to save all changed scripts, choose Select All. if you wish to exit from all scripts without saving them, select Deselect All. To save only some of the scripts, add/remove checkmarks individually.
  • Click OK to exit or Cancel to return to SeqNinja without saving any scripts.

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