Goal First, to generate a multiple-genome file called “all.gbk” from all the .gbk files in the directory “genomes”. Second, to extract a specific set of genes or proteins from “all.gbk.”
Script !datapath:in = "/Users/[UserName]/Desktop/SN_test/genomes"!datapath:out = "/Users/[UserName]/Desktop/SN_test""all.gbk" = collect( '*.gbk' ) "MLST.fas" = extract( "/Users/UserName/Desktop/SN_test/all.gbk", 'CDS:/gene="adk",CDS:/gene="fumC",CDS:/gene="gyrB",CDS:/gene="icd*",CDS:/gene="mdh",CDS:/gene="purA",CDS:/gene="recA"' )

It is necessary to either have a different datapath:in and datapath:out at the point of the collect step, or to use the full path to all.gbk. Otherwise, the result will be an endless loop.

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