The Reverse Complement Sequence(s) template, located in the Templates panel, lets you choose a source file and choose the desired file output and location. Later, when you run the script, SeqNinja will create an output sequence that is the reverse complement of the source file.

When you select this template, you will immediately be prompted to select the source (input) file. Once you have done so, the File Type of Reverse Complement wizard will ask you to choose the desired output file type from a list.

Press Run to fill in the template based on your selections and run the script immediately or Make to fill in the template without running.

Choosing Make lets you review the information and make any necessary changes before pressing Run:

  • To change the output format, make a selection from the Format drop-down menu.

After setting up the template as desired, click Run to run the script and create an output file. Or choose Cancel to exit from the template without running the script.



Output file LAMCG_rev.fasta contains the reverse complemented string, which ends with: TTTCATAAATAGCGAAAACCCGCGAGGTCGCCGCCC.

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