The Welcome “project” opens when you launch SeqNinja and is a central location for creating, opening, and running projects, and for accessing the User Guide. As you add projects, the Welcome “project” will remain as the leftmost tab unless you manually move or close it. We recommend leaving the Welcome tab in place, since it has many time-saving shortcuts to useful commands.

Four navy-blue tabs on the left reveal different sets of options, each of which is described below:

Tab on left Option on right Shortcut to this procedure:
New Script New project > New blank script File > Script. (See Work with Sequences).
Template gallery Shortcut to scripts in the Templates panel.
Open Script Choose script > Open File > Open (See Work with Sequences).
Recent documents File > Recent Documents.
Run (Various options) Shortcut to scripts in the Templates panel.
Training User guide Opens this User Guide from the DNASTAR website.
Tutorials Opens the SeqNinja Tutorials from the DNASTAR website.

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