In SeqNinja, multiple projects are displayed in separate tabs, each assigned a unique name (Untitled[#].star).

  • Left-click on any project tab to make that project active.
  • Press Ctrl+; (Win) or Cmd+; (Mac) to open a “project chooser.” You may also open the project chooser by pressing the > > icon that appears to the right of the project tabs when a large number of projects are open.

    The project chooser appears as a yellow popup with a line for typing in text at the top, and a list of open projects below. Unsaved projects that contain steps are marked with an asterisk (*).

    Use your mouse to click on the project you want to make active. If you do not have a mouse, make a selection using the keyboard arrow keys, then press Enter.

    To instead search for a project using a filter, type text into the text field and press Enter. The text field supports the “?” and “*” wildcards.

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