The script that SeqNinja will be running is created in either (or both) of the two script views:

  • The Visual view is intended for beginning and intermediate SeqNinja users. It provides Templates for popular steps and a Toolkit panel for adding steps and operations to enhance the templates, or to create a new script from scratch.
  • The Text view is intended for advanced users or those working with extremely long scripts and allows you to simply type the SeqNinja commands.

To begin a new script – See Work with Sequences.

To navigate within the Script views – If you prefer navigating with a mouse, click anywhere on the script to move the mouse to that position. If you prefer keyboard navigation, use the Tab key or any of the arrow keys on your computer keyboard to navigate from one part of the script to another.

To delete text or numbers – Use the Delete key on your keyboard. If you make a selection from a drop-down menu and then change your mind and want to leave the drop-down menu blank, just click on the selection and then click the Delete key on your keyboard.

To learn about the SeqNinja toolbar tools – See Toolbar.

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