The Visual view provides assistance and visualization during completion of a SeqNinja script. This view contains the same information as the Text view, but in a graphical presentation. The Visual view is the default view.

To open the Visual view, click on the Visual tab () or use the View > Visual View command. The following image shows the Visual view after adding sample Templates panel and Toolkit panel items and filling in the fields.

Entering data for an operation:

  • To add a sequence, use the Choose Sequence(s) button. You may also type in the filename in the text box to its right (see Add and modify a sequence) or copy and paste in a filename from your clipboard. The sequence you enter will apply only within that sequence expression and not to subsequent operations.
  • To use drop-down menus, click the arrow on the right of each menu, then select an item from the menu. Many drop-down menus allow you to type in text or numbers if the selection you want is not offered.

Appending a new operation to the Visual View (three methods):

  • To add an operation to the bottom of the current script – Use any of these three sub-methods:

    • Click the Add tool () to the right of the last operation in the Visual view.

    • Click the Add button () below the last operation in the Visual view.

    • Click an item in the Toolkit panel.

Using the Visual view tools:

The following tools are available at the bottom right of the Visual view.

Tool Function Description
Add Clicking this button offers the following choices: Write to Results File, Define Sequence Variable, Add Comment. For more information, see the Sequences section help topics Write to Results File and Define Sequence Variable; and the Other section help topic Add Comment.
Run Tells SeqNinja to run the script.

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