This Text View contains the same information as the Visual view, but in plain text. Advanced users may find it convenient to type or paste text into this view compared to using the Visual View. By simply typing or pasting text into the Text View (or copying and pasting text from the clipboard), you can enter top-level “statements” and lower-level “expressions” to formulate a script for SeqNinja.

To open the Text View, click on the Text tab () or use the View > Text View command. The following image shows the Text view after entering a sample script. Note that the line and position of the cursor is displayed at the bottom left of the SeqNinja script, below the view tabs.

For detailed information about SeqNinja statements and expressions, see The SeqNinja Language.

If you create a syntax error in the Text view and then attempt to switch to the Visual View, a warning will be displayed with details about the error. Click OK, then correct the error before switching to the Visual view.

None of the Templates panel or Toolkit panel options can be applied to the Text view, and the view does not support right-click functionality. However, if you have already begun a project in the Visual view, switching to this view will allow you to see what the script looks like in SeqNinja command language. From that point, you may continue by entering commands manually, or you can switch back to the Visual View to use the Templates and Toolkit.

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