All quoted strings accept certain “escape codes.” These escape codes indicate that SeqNinja should put a tab, a new line, a quotation mark, etc. in the specified location:

Escape Code Effect
^t Inserts a tab.
^n Inserts a line break.
^^ Inserts a caret character (^).
^' Inserts a single quote into a string that is bracketed by single quotes.
^" Inserts a double quote into a string that is bracketed by double quotes.

Example input:

Using print with the following argument causes the name of the file, length of the sequence, and the sequence itself to print in the output stream in a neatly organized manner.
print( 'sequence file name:^t', 'contig01.fas^n', 'sequence length:^t', length("contig01.fas"), '^n', 'sequence', '^n', "contig01.fas" )

Example output:

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