SeqNinja can read and write files that contain multiple sequences. For example, a sequence expression might be the name of a file containing multiple sequences. Some operations support multiple-sequences, while others operate only on the first. For example, reverse-complement supports multiple sequences. But concatenation works only on the first sequences of its operands.

To specify a single sequence from a multiple-sequence file, use one of these forms:

Objective Expression Examples Comments
Pick a sequence by numerical index filename#index "WIS_YPE_1.fasta"#2

The first sequence in the file is index 1.
Pick a sequence by name filename#name


This form works best if all the sequences in the set have unique names. If multiple sequences have the same name, then this expression will match the first encountered sequence whose name matches.
"WIS_YPE_1.fasta"/"Chromosome_contig2" This refers to the sequence in the file as if it were a file in a directory.

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