The Default Run Options dialog allows you to choose a default results folder, and to elect whether you wish to show two facets of a run’s progress in the Console.

On Windows, this dialog is accessed via the command Edit > Preferences. On Macintosh, it is accessed using SeqNinja > Preferences (macOS 12 and lower) or SeqNinja > Settings (macOS 13 and higher). If the Default Run Options section is not already active, click on Default Run Options on the left.

  • Use the Browse button to the working directory for data and results. This working directory will be used during script execution as the default location for a !datapath* specified with a relative path, and also as the default location for files specified with a relative path, if no appropriate !datapath* is set. Note that setting this preference for a working directory does not affect the directory shown by file choosers during the editing of scripts. File choosers instead show the last directory from which a file was chosen.
  • If, during runs, you want to view in the Console the step that is currently being processed, check Show progress: Trace.
  • If, during runs, you want to view in the Console any activities related to data file use, check Show progress: Data.

Changes in this dialog will apply when running future scripts. Scripts that have already been run at least once will continue using their original run options.

Click Apply and OK to save your changes or Cancel to ignore any changes. Click Restore Defaults if you would like to return to the default settings.

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