The Editor Preferences dialog controls whether or not you are prompted to save changes prior to running a script, and whether or not “field descriptions” are shown by default.

On Windows, this dialog is accessed via the command Edit > Preferences. On Macintosh, it is accessed using SeqNinja > Preferences (macOS 12 and lower) or SeqNinja > Settings (macOS 13 and higher). If the Editor section is not already active, click on Editor on the left.

  • Check or uncheck Show descriptions of fields depending whether you would like to show or hide field descriptions by default. Field descriptions are labels such as the words “Sequence File” in the image below:

    Note that you can over-ride this default at any time using the Show/Hide descriptions of fields tool () above the Script views.
  • Check Ask to save before running any script if you wish to receive a “save” prompt before running any script with unsaved changes. If you do not want to see this reminder in the future, uncheck this box.
  • Check Show sequence preview for new ranges to automatically display the range wheels (see image) for a sub-range step.

If the box is left unchecked, the range wheels can be displayed manually. See Set ends for a sequence for instructions.

Click Apply and OK to save your changes or Cancel to ignore any changes. Click Restore Defaults if you would like to return to the default settings.

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