1. Data for all SeqNinja tutorials is located in the same .zip archive. Click here to download the SeqNinja tutorial data and extract the .zip archive to any convenient location (e.g., your desktop).
  1. Launch SeqNinja if it is not already open.
  1. From the main window or Templates panel, choose Blank Script.
  1. Click on the Toolkit tab on the right of the SeqNinja window to reveal its contents.
  1. From the Sequences section, select Define Sequence Variable to add the following step to the blank script:

  1. Enter the letter A in the text box to the right of Define Sequence Variable.
  1. Since the variable will be defined as being equal to three sequence files, select File as the Sequence Source. The lower half of the Define Sequence Variable step changes into a file chooser.

  1. To choose the first sequence file, click the Choose Sequence(s) button. From the tutorial data folder, double-click on LAMCG.seq.
  1. To add the next sequence, click the blue plus icon () and select Add Sequence File.

  1. Press the new Choose Sequence(s) button, and then double-click on the next file, pbr322.seq.
  1. Repeat Steps 8-9 to add the final file, tethis21.seq. The Define Sequence Variable step should now appear as follows:

Proceed to Part B: Adding a gene extraction step.

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