The Other section is accessed via the lower-most of four expand bars in the Toolkit panel. This section allows you to type in any desired text (as a comment), define integer variables, etc. To open the Other section, click on the expand bar entitled “Other.” If the bar isn’t visible, see Hide, show and change the sizes of items in the SeqNinja interface.

Note that some “Other” items may be disabled depending upon the context of the current script and selection.

  • To add an “Other” item to the bottom of a script, click on the name of the “Other” item in the Toolkit.
  • To add an “Other” item anywhere in a script, drag & drop the “Other” item in the desired location. Alternatively, insert the cursor anywhere in the script, then click the Setting to apply it after the selected statement.

Click any of the links below to learn more about items that can be applied from the Other section.

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